money is not the thing being measured but the instrument with which we measure it

Month: October 2019


Poster at SGR Conference 2015

Wattsthecost presented at the 2015 Scientists for Global Responsibility Conference, with a poster on the external costs of energy and transport. A PDF of the poster is available to download here: http://wattsthecost.info/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/SGR_Poster.pdf


Traffic Noise

Noise is something we deal with and accept as part of everyday life. But do we really appreciate the impact it has on our life?Here are some of the negative impacts noise can have (EEA, 2014b): Sleep disturbance Cardiovascular and…


Non Exhaust Emissions

The health effects of particulate matter have become increasingly recognised. Headlines last summer over diesel manufacturers emission fraud have led us to believe that exhaust emissions are the main problem. Yet non-exhaust emissions actually contribute just as much if not more to…

Vehicle Weight

This week Parkrun was in the headlines as a local council decided it should contribute to the upkeep of the paths it was held on.  The council cites ¬£60,000 it has to spend in park path maintenance as the reasons behind the…


Car Sick

Originally published in January 2016 Last week BBC Scotland showed a half hour programme introduced by David Miller called¬†Car Sick. It looked at how, despite the rhetoric on climate change and sustainable living, people in Scotland are relying on the…